Meet Melissa

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Melissa is an organic health enthusiast, a certified nutritionist, and a truth seeker. Originally from Massachusetts, she’s worked as a professional model and nutritionist from coast to coast. Up until her early 20's she was extremely healthy, vibrant, and living a dream life in San Diego, California. Things quickly changed for her when she started developing chronic fatigue, epilepsy, major food and chemical sensitivities, and intense panic attacks.

After endlessly searching for answers to her mysterious symptoms, Melissa found herself at the office of a Functional Medicine Practitioner. Through proper testing, Melissa discovered she was dealing with Mold Toxicity, Radiation Exposure, and Chronic Lyme Disease. She quickly adapted to the restorative principles of Functional Medicine and began her healing journey. Through this experience, Melissa has become extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge of natural healing. She has now guided many people in overcoming their own health obstacles.

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